22 April 2011

Like A Sore Thumb...

I know I should be writing about all the amazing things I've seen today, but I'd rather tell you how everyone approaches April and I and asks where we are from.   I know that you're going to find this shocking, but, even seasoned travelers such as ourselves apparently stick out like a sore thumb, as we get approached A LOT (like, let's say, every 20 feet).

We get all sorts of responses, and, interestingly, America is never one of them.  England is the most popular, then a variety of other European countries before they give up and we divulge (although to the Germany response, April commented "but I'm not wearing socks with my sandals!!").  I suppose we should tell them immediately when they ask "hey pretty lady, you from England?"  but we smile, shake our head no and make them painfully guess a few more countries.

Today, however, as we are in the plaza in front of the Egyptian (aka Spice) Bazaar, an 80-ish year old woman pokes me (POKES ME!) in the arm and asks Armenia?  I couldn't even make her guess again, so I quickly responded with "No, American."  Which received a very befuddled look on her face.  I just smiled and walked away.


ps--in case you're wondering, I did pick up some Turkish Delight at the Spice Bazaar and even got the lovely gentleman to give April & I each a sample.  YUMMY :)

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Candice Gibson said...

Um, it's the 29th and there have been no updates and no photos...

Some of us can't go galavanting all over the world. Some of us expect to get regular posts so they can keep up. Okay, some of us is me...dang, you figured it out.