05 May 2011

Tech Junkie

Okay.  Fine. I admit it:  I’m a tech junkie.  I seek consolation in the fact that I’m not the worst person I know, but the last 14 days have taught me that sans a phone and sketchy wifi service and I’m a wreck.  Well, wreck is perhaps too strong of a word…inconvenienced to the highest degree.  That sounds better?  Right?  RIGHT?!?!

In theory it’s nice to get away.  In reality, I suck at it.  Ironically if I had phone service (thanks for nothing overpriced phone company) and even moderate wifi (thanks for nothing crappy “hotspots”) I could relax a bit more.  It also doesn’t help that I travel with a great friend, who is perfectly capable (and seemingly happy) to disconnect from the world we just left behind.  Again, great in theory.  Bad in reality for the old Shez. 

Not that I want to be one of those obnoxious (and we’ve encountered a few on this last trip) people who are talking on the phone through their entire vacation—perhaps there are those who know me who will disagree vehemently.  Okay, so maaaybe I tweet too much (ha ha ha…not even! But compared to those around me, okay, fine. I’ll accept that).  But I do love to share my experiences with everyone else.  And not in a gloating “ha ha ha, I’m here and you’re not!” kinda way…okay, so maybe I really (and perhaps not-so-secretly) love gloating to about your fabulous (or more fabulous than hers) life to that one beyotch in your past.  I have a list.  I’d love to try the whole “forgive & forget” nonsense, but, well I’m a Scorpio—apparently we’re good at carrying grudges until, well, the end of time.

I digress.  See…even the thought of typing this to post to the world of probably 3 people who read this regularly is enough to lull me out technology-deprived void that is lacking currently in my life.

IRONICALLY about 3 minutes after landing back at JFK I will wonder why in the hell I came back.

Oh yeah: the darling pupcicle.  That’s one lucky dog.


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