09 April 2006

Working Holiday!

Okay, just so you don't think I'm being lazy on my holiday...

I spent most of Friday morning helping Geoff change the tires on his new car [apparently the tires on his old car where better--they didn't look all that much different, but whatever]. Oh and for those of you who don't know, Geoff is Nerida's oldest son [with Graham--aka--Crackers being the youngest]. Just wanted to clarify that he isn't some dodgy bloke I picked up in a pub the other night.

After that I tagged along while he got the new car registered and got new license plates and fun things like that! We ended the morning having lunch with Nerida and went back to the house, where I promptly CRASHED hard on the couch and it finally hit me--JETLAG!

Nothing like a nap to make you groggy and what helps that? Why, beer of course! When down to the pub with Geoff and a few friends while waiting on Nerida (who was having a massage and then picking me up for a girls night in!). Mmmmm...Aussie beer! I am sad to report that this was the first Aussie beer that I've had since I got here...however, it means that I've been a good girl, as I've been driving pretty much the entire time until Friday!

see, there ARE drawbacks to having a hire car!

Ned picked me up several hours later, we went home for a light dinner and more drinks....well, okay one--as I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch and at about 9:30 she woke me up and sent me off to bed!

JETLAG! (boo-hiss!) and sadly I thought since I had made it two full days without feeling groggy, I wasn't going to have a problem....doh!

:) shez

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