26 April 2006

Gone Walkabout!

Okay, I dropped off the planet (really, just the internet) for awhile! Geez, do you even remember a time before cell phones and internet??? Dial-up is probably archaic for some of you!! ahem, I digress...although for the record, I find it scary when April is agreeing with Matthew. Okay, really it's scary when ANYONE agrees with Matthew! (*evil grin)

So the last week FLEW by and was filled with wedding stuff, finalizing last minute details, the hens party, THE WEDDING, recovering from the wedding, and then packing/shoving everything into bags and coming back home. whew!

just for the record: I LOVE MY BED!! oh and THANKS DAVID for coming to pick me up at the airport and THANKS GRETCHEN for dinner :)

I eased my way into work again--working a whole hour today. Don't want to overdo it, you know? But I've stocked my fridge and am trying desperately to fight sleeping durning the middle of the day, although I think nap time is coming up soon!!!!!!! I turned in 8 rolls of film to be developed, so HOPEFULLY I can download a few that correspond with the next few posts recounting my last 10 days Down Under (including interesting facts regarding kilts...and men who wear them!)

must go snooze!! :) shez

1 comment:

April said...

And why is it so scary for me to agree with Matthew?
It's about time you posted something!
Only 8 rolls? Amateur...
Welcome home!