30 March 2006

Insane Last Minutes...

So today begins my last hurrah--working both jobs until Monday morning...at which time, I finish last minute packing, go to Rotary, say my farewells, head to Austin, and (hopefully) sleep all the waaaaaaaaay to Sydney!!


Thank you Daddy! He's taking me to the airport and who will no doubt be cursing me on the way home, as he'll drop me off at 4pm and then hit afternoon rush hour traffic, which will put him back in Frederickburg around 10ish (for those of you who aren't aware, it's--without traffic--about 1.5 hour drive from Fredericksburg to the airport in Austin). Okay, well maybe he'll get back a little before then (at least I hope so otherwise I'll have to find someone else to take me the next time I decide to depart!)

I am--for sheer orneriness--rearranging all of the wines at the wine shop. he he he. can't resist! Actually, it started out as cleaning--um, yeah-yeah, that's it!--and then I decided to move a few things here, a few things there and then next thing you know Anna (new girl) and I have spent all day rearranging/dusting/and cleaning. Now the store sparkles, which should please Tom greatly....at least until he starts searching for a particular wine. Tomorrow I shall spend the entire day pricing and labelling, so as to still have my job when I return from the land of Aus.

Well, must depart as it's time to close up shop and head to Cuvee!

Bye for now!
:) shez

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