28 March 2006

And the Thunder Rolls...

It is storming here today. Not raining, not drizzling, but big fat rain drops and loud rumbling thunder-storming today. Which of course means a very slow day in tourism here in Fredericksburg. In fact, the only people to have come in (aside from the mailman), seem to have radar that I am on the phone and attempting to converse with someone. So, if I call you today and have no major news to report, it's just a feeble ploy to help drum up business.

Preparations for the trip are coming along. I went ahead and spent a bit of my trip money on a new pair of glasses, as I've pretty much stopped wearing contacts because my eyes have been so dry lately. And having mislocated one pair, I felt that I needed another pair so as not to just have one pair of glasses while traveling. They're really cool and the lab tech has ASSURED me that they will be in before I leave. They're pretty plain rectangular, brown tortoise shell--no bells, no whistles, but they're comfortable and they look great (at least I think so!). Julie has also given me a pair of her glasses (since she's had lasik and is no longer in need of glasses), so I just need to replace the lenses--thanks Jewels!

In other news, building on Mom's house will start probably next week and she's hoping to be in by June (at least that's the plan, anyway!). She's picked out cabinets, furniture, and countertops--all with a mexican mission theme. I really like it and all of the pieces will help the new house feel cozy and comforting!

That's about all to report right now. I think I may go sit out front and enjoy the storms!

Ciao for now!
:) shez

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Rebecca said...

ooooo, sounds like mom has great taste ---- mexican mission..my fave!