27 March 2006

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Only one week to go!!

Oh, for those of you COMPLETELY confused as to what's happening in a week--I'm headed back down under!! I fly out of Austin at 6pm Monday, April 03rd and land in Sydney at 6am Wednesday, April 05th....where my schedule will be chock-full of things to do and people to see, especially my dearest darling Penny, whose wedding on the 22nd is what brings me back to Australia.

I'm so excited, excited, excited!! In fact, I'm nearly ready to go (Christi--you'd be soooo proud, I'm almost done packing!). Tickets & travel visas are purchased and the countdown is on! I will attempt to post everyday with updates (of course, skipping next Tuesday, as thanks to a 16-hour flight and crossing the international date line, Tuesday will be lost forever!).

A HUGE thanks to Tom & Carol and everyone at Cuvee, who will be covering for me when I'm gone--but not to fear, I will be bringing back goodies--like TimTams, vino, and cerveza--yum! to ease the pain and suffering! If you'd like a postcard, be sure to email me with your address! I'm sure you'll get it weeks after I return, but still....

Alright, must go--the clock marches on--tick tock, tick tock!

bye for now!

:) shez

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Rebecca said...

i'm sooo stoked for you (and insanely jealous!). how weird though, to lose an entire day