28 February 2006

My What Lovely Beads You Have!

Ahhh...Fat Tuesday--Gotta Love It! Interestingly enough, even though Fredericksburg is a very German community, today we all adopt a very French Cajun lifestyle and party all the way until Ash Wednesday.

I decided to look up some info on the internet regarding Mardi Gras and share some of the things I discovered. Mardi Gras season is from January 06th until 47 days before Easter Sunday...or the day before Ash Wednesday. Those silly Cajuns (God love 'em!) actually created a season and a reason for drinking from the 12th Day of Christmas (also called Epiphany and is the day that the Magi supposedly showed up to present gifts to Baby Jesus) until the start of Lent, which I'm guessing after all of that partying it's not hard to give up alcohol and dry out a bit. Perhaps a touch of genius and a lesson that could be used for everyone wanting to participate in Lent--just overindulge for a couple of months and it'll make giving up whatever you're giving up a lot easier.

While it is thought to have come to New Orleans via French Explorers in the 1699's, the official colors (purple, green, & gold) weren't picked until 1872. Chosen by Rex, the King of Carnival, they stand for justice, faith & power respectively. I don't know about you, but they are ALL things I'm thinking about while celebrating Mardi Gras! Speaking of, I gotta go and actually read the Fredericksburg Standard Post to find out what our little German town is doing to celebrate!!

Bottoms Up!
shez :)

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Rebecca said...

okay, sherry... you have WAY too much time on your hands :D

hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating! cuz, you know i am.. ha ha ha haaa