09 August 2006

Best of Both Worlds...

I love this groomswoman stuff!! I got all the fun of hanging with the boys....and all the perks of hanging with the girls! The next day [although not too early the next day] I got my rental car and then headed down to a luxury spa for manicures and pedicures with all the girls in the wedding party. It was sooooo much fun. You sit back and relax and have both done at once....which was a new experience for me. Everyone around me was getting french manicures and neutral colors, so I felt it my duty to get Big Apple Red! I mean afterall, my dress was black and subtlety was never my strong point, so why the hell not?!?!?

I checked in with Matt before heading to the spa--he wasn't so bueno, but was at least up and moving and saying "thank god we didn't have it the night before the wedding." well, duh! like we would have let him do that, knowing full well that at some point in the night, taking shots would be involved!!

I finished with my mani/pedi just in time to go back to the hotel, change, and head over to the venue for rehearsal dinner. It was short, it was sweet, and that's a great thing because dinner was next and I was starving! The rehearsal dinner was held at a Chinese restaurant--we sat at two round tables with a turntable in the middle and dishes magically appeared and we all shared everything. I need to get me one of those "food magically appearing" turntables!! Dinner ended fairly early and everyone pretty much wanted to head back "home." Fortunately Simon & I think alike and after getting back to the hotel headed to the bar for a couple of drinks before turning in early. OKAY here's another bad idea: you should never let a Texan and an Aussie go to the hotel bar for a few drinks. really, we were just going to stay for two. really. i promise. however, along came Juan. and Juan bought us drinks. Yes, us....both of us. So there we were sitting with two new beers....what to do, what to do??? Of course we accept them and spent the next 45 minutes [he sent over another round] debating/arguing about who he was actually buying the drinks for--me or Simon. [just FYI, the jury is still out!] Finally, we decide to go talk to them and the drinks kept flowing and flowing and flowing and somehow Juan managed to get us each 3 rounds of beer to go when the bar closed--so we went out to the patio [there were about 6 of us] and the next thing you know, it's 4am and breakfast with Matt is looking like it might just have to be lunch!

:) shez

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