07 August 2006

Are You The Entertainment?

Shockingly enough, Delta got into San Jose 45 minutes early. Wow! Twice in one day....I'm quite sure that's never happened before. I call Matt to see how bachelor party is going and let him know that I'm getting my rental car and heading to the hotel. No, no, no.....they're leaving one bar, headed to another, so they'll just come pick me up in the limo. Okay, great. I can handle being picked up at the airport in a limo! I notify the rental car company that I'll be picking up the car in the morning [probably late morning], grab my luggage and head outside to wait. Next to me is this nice man who asked if I'd like him to hail a taxi for me. I thank him, but say that I actually have a limo coming to pick me up. "Ahhh....hotel?" he asks. "Nope. Bachelor party." He suddenly gets very quiet and then with a smile he asks "Are you the entertainment?" HA HA HA HA....giggle....I laugh because at this point--after this day--really that's all I can do. It wasn't long and the limo pulls up and out jumps Matthew--who is well on his way to having a smashing time!

We head to a local English pub and out come the pitchers of beer....in addition to Matt & Me, there is Paul [brother-in-law], Kevin [neighbor and groomsman], and Jackie [sister and wife of Paul], who was only going to stay for a bit, but she & I got on like a house on fire and she decided to stay on and party with the rest of us! In addition to quickly downing pitchers of beer and a late night snack and a few tunes on the jutebox and several [what is the definition of several?] toasts to Matt and Lil [aka bravewoman!], we were also waiting on Simon [best man] to arrive. Simon finally arrives, joins us for a few more pitchers of beer and then we head off to the next place. A bar--that I can't remember the name of--but one that Matt & Simon had spent a lot of time at in the past. That's when it got ugly....and the shots of tequila came out....with beer chasers of course! I'm not sure whoooooooo started this trend, but somehow [batting of the eyes] I got blamed! [ALRIGHT FINE, IT WAS ME, BUT I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ONLY THE FIRST ROUND!!] The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, however, I do remember not being able to remember what hotel I was staying in, so Jackie kept calling Jack to get names and addresses and driving directions, as the limo driver wasn't able to locate it. All I have to say about the rest of the evening--in addition to the incrimating photos I have of both Matt & Kevin passed out in the limo--was that I'm thankful Simon was the best man and in charge of getting Matt back home to Lil!

:) shez

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