20 January 2007

Soggy Surprise!

Happy Birthday Momma!

Teresa & I decided it would be fun to throw Mom a surprise birthday/housewarming party. Everyone was to show up at 7pm at her gate [it's about 1/2 mile from gate to house] and we'd all drive down to the house together and everyone surprise her! I have to admit we are genius! It was great...even though the weather was NOT cooperating. Bubba kept complaining about why we had to do it on the messiest, yuckiest night of the year. I reminded him we were actually only 19 days into the year and blame Granny & Grandpa, as this was the day [53 years ago] that she was born. Pretty much everyone invited showed up, brought food and alcohol, and a great time was had by all. All counted there were +50 people there and Momma was surprised when the cars kept coming down the lane and people kept pouring into the house. Regardless of the mud--and JeannieBel's prediction--the floor stayed pretty clean. Although it's stained concrete, so cleaning was a snap! The low moment came when we discovered it was also Larry's birthday and Teresa decided to add his name to Mom's German Chocolate Cake...in ketchup. Yep [and yuck!] you read that right! Since the icing was dark, nothing else showed up....aside from maybe mustard so ketchup seemed the less of two evils. Strangely no one wanted those pieces of cake and Teresa hadn't had that much to drink at that point!! While there were a few that left early, most everyone left around 11:30pm--which was a further indication about how successful it was!

Happy Birthday Momma!
:I sheshie

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