15 January 2007


Not that in the grand scheme of things is it really cold here, but it's the coldest it's been so far this winter. Plus because there is a winter weather advisory in effect until thursday, everything has pretty much shut down and the shelves at HEB [the local grocery store] are looking pretty bare. Of course, everyone north of here is no doubt laughing at us. But I do have to say that when it gets icy, the roads here are a mess, topped with the fact that NO ONE is capable of safely driving--as they think that their 4WD is going to help them not skid on the ice!!

There's not a lot to report--I've come into work to do a bit of paperwork, but as no one is voluntarily out in this mess, I'm going home to watch movies and snuggle with Stella, who is annoyed because our walks have be dramatically cut to "would you hurry up, it's freaking too cold to be walking 45 minutes", so a quick walk around the block and we're back inside!

For those in colder regions--stay warm! For those in warmer regions--enjoy!!

bye fffffor now!!
:I shez

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april! said...

Not laughing. Perhaps a little jealous. I'd take your temps over our -2 minus whatever-the-heck-the-windchill-is!