03 January 2007


Yay! Inventory wasn't as bad as originally thought! We were done by 2pm and that included a small lunch break for pizza. Of course, we had special help from Landri because, unbeknownst to her mother until they arrived and everything was locked up, pre-school was closed on the 2nd. Landri's job was moving empty boxes, so as to block the back door [yes, I said to block] and keeping everyone entertained with "hey, sheshie....hey sheshie....hey sheshie" Apparently my niece has inherited my gift of gab....

After that we made a few stops and then went to pick Stella up from "school" as Landri referred to doggie day care. However, Aunt Priscilla OBVIOUSLY made an impression during Christmas because rather than saying "Stella," Lala kept calling her "Pris-Stella." Hey Pris-Stella. Hey Sheshie Pris-Stella really likes me. Hey Pris-Stella, do you want a treat? Pris-Stella how was school? It was all I could do not to laugh. My brother couldn't contain his laughter as Landri was telling him about how she & Pris-Stella played all afternoon and how Pris-Stella didn't eat her snack [although I know that Pris-Stella doesn't like carrots...although I don't know how the cheese stick survived!]

Pris-Stella was so worn out by Landri, I actually had to cajole her into going for her evening walk! Perhaps Landri needs to come over a bit more often!

:] shez

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