23 January 2007

Snow Angel....

I have created the perfect snow angel...check it out!!

It dumped and I mean dumped a LOT of snow on Amarillo, just in time for my arrival on the 21st. Ironically, it was my plane out of Austin that got cancelled due to fog rather than my plane from DFW to Amarillo because of snow. I caught the next flight [at 6:30am] to DFW and got there in just enough time to barely catch my flight. OF COURSE American was actually thinking ahead and switched me to a later flight into Amarillo, but given I only had 52 hours in Amarillo to begin with, I didn't want to spend 2.5 hours sitting at DFW if I could actually make my original flight. The flight attendant told me if I could make it--across four terminals in 10 minutes--I could board the early flight as it wasn't yet full. So I am running through the airport like OJ while trying to call Christi & Becca to see if I got the early flight, could we go back to airport 'cuz there was NO WAY my luggage was making it! Literally made it just in time. Didn't get a seat assignment, they didn't even scan my boarding pass before i boarded [because well, it said that i was on a different flight]--the flight attendant was doing that as I was running down the boarding ramp and on to the plane. Just sit anywhere she said. Well I don't know--the plane only seats about 30 people....and the head count before I got on was about 10. The flight to AMA wasn't bad--it was kinda' cool because you could actually see the snow line on the ground....ahhh....how pretty. how white. how the hell are we going to land?????????????

Speaking of white, that was the color of my knuckles as we approached the runway, which we were now close enough to notice that it had a nice thick covering of ice and snow. We touch down, we bounce a bit, the plane fishtails, we sway back and forth and back and forth. I look out and realize "why worry? the worst that could happen at this point is we'd slide off the runway and into a field of snow." I get out my phone and snap a few pictures of the snow on the runway. Apparently the roads were just as bad as Becca, Eugene, Christi, Tracy, Xavier, and Victor were late in picking me up. I saw why when I piled into the suburban [how else are that many people going to travel in one vehicle] and we were headed back to Cindy & Lynn's house.

The rest of the afternoon was fun-filled and exciting. Well, except for maybe a trip to Wal-Mart with Becca on the way back from getting my luggage. I think at one point I was jumping up and down yelling "let's go, let's go, leeeet's checkout" I'm not sure, but I think I heard Becca mumbling something about needing to check medication. Hers or mine?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? Cindy made an AWESOME dinner [as usual--when doesn't Cindy make something awesome!], we exchanged gifts--i got a box of chocolate covered cherries [that also came with a Nintendo DS], scarves, a coffee mug, a book of short stories, a book Elizabeth made me, a vest Becca crocheted, measuring tapes [I believe my comment as Christi, Chelle, and I opened our measuring tapes and just stared at them was "are you calling us fat???" but no, just was just sick of hearing us tell her that we didn't have a measuring tape when she called about a measurement for something she was making us], Tracy provided entertainment [no pervo, there were kids there--I was talking about a magic show!] and we ended the evening with several games of B-I-N-G-O! I actually won one game. SHOCKER! I never win! My prize was a magazine promising to lose 10 pounds quickly and had a chocolate cake on the cover....I've eaten a lot of chocolate cake, but have yet to lose that 10 pounds!

Monday we attempted to go to Borger, but the roads were too bad. After driving an hour and only getting about 20 miles, Lynn called it quits and we turned around and headed back to Amarillo. I was very sad not to get to see Nanny & Grandpa. It did, however, allow us a bit of free time, in which I got to make my snow angel in the front yard. At 3pm, Christi & I picked up Jillian, Caroline, Jarod, & Elizabeth from school and walked them to J & C's house [about 4 blocks] of course, we didn't realize that we'd have to cross a field o' snow to do so...and I actually ended up carrying Elizabeth across 1/2 the field! Tracy was waiting at the house and the kids tried to get him outside to attack him with snowballs, but we couldn't coax him out [although Jillian & Caroline got him pretty good when it was time for us to leave!]

It seemed to be a blink of an eye and I was back at the airport, noticing that the runway had been cleared of the ice and snow, heading back down to where the temps were a tad warmer. It was a fun trip, but waaaaaaaaaay too fast! at least this time the kids recognized me....

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