11 October 2007

Midterms Are Coming! Midterms Are Coming!

Ahhhh….I forgot how not fun tests are. Okay, I forgot how not fun BIOSTATS tests were. Bleh. You know, it seems relatively simple when we’re in class or recitation and it’s being explained, but get me in the test, take away my books, and I freeze faster than your tongue on a frozen pole [think A Christmas Story]. Actually, overall I think the test was okay…but conditional probability KILLS me every time! I dunno what it is, but I was making good time, doing great [at least I thought so], feeling confident and THEN conditional probability hits. I continue on…leaving that problem ‘til last…but the next problem—conditional probability. Grrrr….alright fine. Work out all the easy parts and then struggle through the last two, writing as much information as I possibly can….hoping perhaps something sticks [or the Prof has pity on my poor confused soul and gives at least a couple of points for effort!] So fingers crossed, I get results back on Monday—when we can go over the test in recitation [joy!]
Luckily afterward, I met Tom & Carol [yes, that would be wineshop Tom & Carol] who are up here on a vacation and touring around and today they had a free day and since I was in class [and there’s no way to skip on test day] decided to meet for dinner. The first thing that I did was order a beer. Tom & Carol concurred that after biostats I needed one! Dinner was great and catching up with Tom & Carol even better [Tom’s opening a new store in San Antonio, saw pics of the grandkids, etc]!!
Alright must go—had to put unpacking on hold except for during study breaks—so that’s on the agenda…at least until next week and the next midterm!


PS--Happy Birthday to everyone having a birthday within the last/upcoming week: Auntie P, Matthew, Landri, Woody, Kerry, Ange, and anyone else I may have forgotten--I'm blaming midterms & moving!

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