20 October 2007

Doh....I Lost the Bread!

What an afternoon I had today. The mall is one the other side of the island, which has lots of shops, but more importantly to me this afternoon was a nice big supermarket. Along the way--having been sick AND tired of my hair--I gave in and stopped for a haircut. A trim, really. About 6 inches and an hour later, I emerge looking FABULOUS, even if I do say so myself! She asked if she could cut a bit more than just a trim and I said sure as long as it looks good and isn't supershort, I'm fine. I'm not sure that anyone's told her that before, because periodically she'd ask again [which by that point it was too late if I would have wanted to recind my statement!], so happily cutting more and more and more and flinging hair everywhere until voila! the finished product. It now sits just above my shoulder--with lots of layers. I have no doubt the first time I wash my hair, I'll forget nearly 2/3 of my hair is gone and spend 45 minutes rinsing out shampoo!! Alright--not to be deterred, as the fridge and pantry were shockingly bare--I head over to the supermarket, where they were having all sorts of sales on great items to stock the pantry and freezer [I refrained from buying too many perishables with the exception of fresh fruits and veggies]. Of course, then I realize I have to schlep all this back to the house via the bus. So looking like a packmule, I head from store to bus, get on bus--which is 20 minutes late. Because it's late, it's packed and me and alllllllllllllllllll my groceries squeeze into one seat [okay maybe 1 and 1/3] and then unfolding and repositioning everything to get off the bus was quite humorous. Unfortunately, the bread didn't fair so well, as at one point the bus swerved and the bread fell as did the diet coke--on top of the bread. Anyone know how to unsmoosh bread? tragic really....

so that was my big day out. now i'm home, making some soup, hanging with the pupcicle...contemplating studying.


PS--the only thing more funny than me trying to be a packmule and get off the bus in an efficient manner was me trying to inconspicuously take a picture of the new cut while walking to get a coffee at starbucks...I'm sure the people I passed thought I was nuts. Oh well, welcome to NYC!

PPS--okay, blogger's being difficult and not letting me download my pic at the moment [and after I made such an idiot of myself!]...you can see it on my facebook thumbnail [scroll down, it's in the side column!]

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