12 October 2007


Yay! Today TimeWarner is coming to install cable/internet/phone [what? I got a really good deal--at least for the first year!]. I have been informed that they will be here sometime between 8am and 12pm. Now, I know that there is NO WAY they will be arriving by 8am, unless I oversleep, sleep in, etc--in which case, they'll be knocking on the door at 7:55am. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have tried this approach....as they rock up about 9:45am [not bad, I didn't expect to see them until 11:50], but about 5 [I KID YOU NOT] minutes AFTER the electricity went out! WHAT THE??????? Since I just moved in, there's no way the bill is late :)- I look outside--the whole block [traffic lights included] is dark. Great. I don't know a lot about installing cable, but I have an inkling that electricity might be helpful. Turns out my inkling was right. I have to say that the cable guy was wonderful and hung around for about 30-40 minutes hoping that the electricity would come on any minute... A 10 minute conversation with the Electric Company resulted that they were unsure of why the electricity was out and that as soon as they could possibly get a tech out, they would have someone out to figure out what's going on. Here's what's going on: THE ELECTRICITY IS OUT. FIX IT BEFORE MY CABLE GUY HAS TO LEAVE. She didn't seem excited about my suggestion [even though I said it nicely]. Since we had no idea about the time frame for the outage, the cable guy had no choice but to leave...and of course, the next available time to schedule service is next Friday. HA HA HA. I laugh because well, I try not to cry in front of complete strangers. ANOTHER week. sigh. gotta love technology. I feel like complaining to Electric Company for subway/bus passes for the days that I have to go to school to do work on non-class days, but I know that it'll just be a waste of minutes on my cell phone.

You'll be happy to know that as I'm boarding the ferry to go into school, the Electric Company called to say that service was back on and they hoped that I wasn't too inconvienced by the power outage. It took EVERY OUNCE of ENERGY that I had NOT to toss my phone in the harbour :)


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