08 July 2007

Take A Brazilian Home

Bardstown--about 30 minutes up the road from E-town--has an annual Street Concert, which features local talent, has a bit of food & beer, and most importantly FREE! Since Tracy had to work [aww bad luck TK!], Christi & I met up with Bobby, Angie, Q, Meredith, & John House and we all schlepped down to the town square in Bardstown with our coolers and lawn chairs.

The concert featured several award winning song writers, The Love Of Angie's Life [aside, from Bobby of course!] whose name is suddenly escaping me, a fabulously cute and charming old man who sang Waltz Across Texas completely off the beat and slower than the music was playing...BUT I WAS SINGING WITH HIM!!, and a band from Brazil. Of course, being me and loving 'em TDH, I fell in love with the lead singer of the Brazilian band. Damn the camera phone for not being able to get in any closer. He was just very beautiful and had a magical voice. I soooooooooooooooo wanted to adopt him and bring him home with me. Christi was completely fine with this, but when I called to ask Tracy, he said no. hrmph! i never get to have any fun :(

just kidding. it was a fun night--and not just because John House kept the beer flowing [of course, he just enjoyed being told that he was the greatest man on earth--which is what I obligingly said every time he'd bring me a beer!]--the music was good and of course, as always just fun hanging out with friends.

see occassionally, even I can be sentimental!! okay, moment's over, now where did I put my beer?!?!?!?

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Rebecca said...

sounds fun! wish i coulda been there. why isn't there fun stuff do in my neck'o the woods.....er mesquite bush?