01 July 2007

Awww....A Baby Beer!

This is Bobby--friend o' Tracy & Christi. Bobby is not a huge drinker [well, someone's gotta drive us drunks around!!] and usually only has a couple of beers in an outing.

Anyway, Christi and I went on a B-EE-RR-U-N the other day--and you have to do that here because Christi & Tracy went and moved to a dry county. However, the drive for the B-EE-RR-U-N is absolutely beautiful [even when you haven't been drinking!], so it's really not much of a chore [and certainly more fun than driving to The Strip in Lubbock]. Anyway, Christi & I are searching high and low for some Shiner Bock [they usually have some in stock], but come across BABY bottles of BudLight [Bobby's water--uh, beer of choice!]. Well, we just couldn't resist and bought him a six-pack.

I don't know who had more fun--Bobby announcing on a frequent basis that he was ready for another beer, did anyone want one....or just watching him drinking his baby beer---that was COMPLETELY engulfed in my Luckenbach coozie [aka huggy if you're in Kentucky or stubby holder if you're in Australia], except for the skinny little neck. Bobby actually had to SQUEEZE the coozie to get it to touch the sides of the beer. Notice the size compared to regular beers!

Apparently lil'beers are all the rage when you're younger and living in Kentucky. Funny, I woulda thought it'd be bourbon!!


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