04 July 2007

Happy Birthday America!

Yay!! It's the 4th of July!! Although it's a bit weird since it's on a Wednesday and even more weird not being at the wine shop trying to get everyone out the door to enjoy a ice cold refreshing beer while walking down Main Street. After an all American lunch of chili dogs and burgers [okay, we cheated and went to Sonic], we took a drive out to Hodgenville, which is the birthplace of President Abraham Lincoln. Well, who the heck knew that Lincoln was born here? I certainly didn't!! I only learned about a year ago that Lincoln was actually born in Kentucky [I was doing research to find reasons for Christi to be excited about moving here...you know, other than bourbon!], but I didn't realize his actual birthplace was just a few minutes down the road.

We took a boardwalk through the property to get from the visitors center to a
Lincoln Monument-esque building on the site of where the Lincoln cabin was located.
Within the building is this cabin. It's not the actual cabin that the Lincolns owed, however, is a cabin from that time period. The walk--and the property in general were very beautiful. Since theLincolns only lived here until Abe was 7, there wasn't a lot to see....but that didn't stop Tracy & I from trying on Abe Lincoln & Daniel Boone hats at the gift shop!

The day ended with fireworks [from all the neighbors!]--the perfect ending to our July 4th holiday!

Happy Birthday America!

ps--DID YOU KNOW, that you can buy fireworks in the store here? There were everywhere--WalMart, Target, Kroger. It was unreal, especially when you're from Texas and have to drive to a stand to buy them AND then shoot them off outside city limits. But nope, in Kentucky you can buy them in the store [not all types], but if you can buy it in the store [and not drive to Tennessee to get the really big ones], then you can also shoot them within the city limits. Crazy schtuff!! :)

pps--did you know that in Kentucky, they had a very late freeze which caused all the deciduous trees to don their fall colors, so all along the country side you see trees with their fall colors--here you can kinda see one of the trees. I think TK got a better picture of it, so i'll try to download a clearer one later!

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