23 June 2007

Weekends Off....

Talk about a weird feeling--having weekends off. It wasn't so noticable while I wasn't working because all the days started running together--but now that I am employed, I'm vaguely remembering what it was like to have weekends completely off. It's very strange to be sitting home on a Saturday night, flipping through the channels [for those of you who do work on Saturday night, you're not missing anything on the telly!]

Additionally Tracy & Christi are in Florida, visiting Tracy's kids--so I'm here all by my lonesome with all the puppies. It's kinda nice, as it's the first chance I've had since April to just be alone and relax and--at least for the most part--not really worry about anything or going somewhere or working [or finding a job] and while I can't wait for them to return, I am relishing the quietness of having the house to myself for a few days.

What have I been doing--not a lot and lovin' every minute of it!! I've done a bit of reading [getting ready for the new Harry Potter!], working on my scrapbooks [as there's not gonna be lots of time for that once school starts!] and a bit of searching for a place for me and da girls to live in The Big Apple [I've emailed several owners/manager/agents getting information]. Sadly, I'm starting to get numb to the outrageous rent for postage stamps and am now very leary of anything below $1000, especially if it has any bedrooms. Pathetic, I know, but it's better than being shell-shocked and appalled every time I look!" now if I could just get my grants & loan money in my grubby little hands, I'll be a happy, happy girl!


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