22 June 2007

HalfPint Brawlers

YAY!!! I finally found a job!! Dear, sweet, kind, loving, wonderful, benevolent Tracy took pity on my joblessness self and offered me some part-time work at Belk!! I thank him and ASSURE him my housekeeping duties will not suffer [since I have been, in all my free time, doing the cooking & cleaning]!! So I go in, sit in front of a training computer for 5 hours, get my schedule for the rest of the week and then BAM! the temp agency calls--they have a full-time, M-F/8-5 job for about 3 weeks. After discussing it with Tracy, because I didn't want to leave him hanging [and setting off Christi's phone while she was IN COURT!], I quit Belk to take the temp job--which turned out to be in the video-on-demand department at the cable company here--Comcast. My job is to assist the very-far-behind tech responsible for creating all the buttons that you see when you click to the VOD menu on your cable. Mostly I do data entry--adding buttons, taking off buttons, inputting descriptions, labels, web addresses for all shows that are available on VOD. Next week I start rearranging buttons to the format requested by Comcast HQ--it took me nearly 3 hours to number where everything goes....so actually inputting the data should probably take up most of next week--in addition to all the daily updates & changes I'm to make. Not only that, but the Elizabethtown offices actually oversees 2 areas: E-town and Paducah [don't ask, 'cuz I don't know where it is]--so all work is done in duplicate AND soon triplicate, as they are in the process of adding another town--somewhere in West Virginia. Yep, I said West Virginia....anyway, I digress.

HalfPint Brawlers in the actual name of an ACTUAL show. I am currently drawing a blank on which network it's shown--mainly because I was quite disturbed by the name of this show! Are you freaking kidding me? HalfPint--as in little/young and brawl--as in bar room fight???????? I guess I could look it up on the www, but truthfully, I'm kinda scared to know exactly what it is.

Hmmm...I just hope is not going to be on long, too bad I can't just accidentally "hide" the button. One thing is for sure, I shan't be watching it any time soon....or really, AT ANY POINT PERIOD.

crazy schtuff, to say the very least.

Otherwise, enjoying Kentucky immensely. Enjoying just having a break, but truth be told, am very glad to be working again [not that I'd say it outloud, but I was starting to get a little bored, laying around and eating bonbons all day!]


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