03 June 2007

Bottling Day!

In keeping with our alcohol-filled weekend, today we are bottling Zinfandel that Tracy & Christi have been making at home. I had a teeny-tiny sample and I must say that I'm quite impressed. Of course, there's not a lot that I've been doing, other than watching Tracy work....but he assures me that I will be put to work later on in the process. In the meantime, I've been slaving away all day checking email, doing a bit of apartment hunting and chasing down Stella. Yep. That's right, chasing down Stella, who pushed her way past Christi while she [Christi] was trying to take out the trash. Of course, Addy, Ginger, & Chloe followed...but of course being less stubborn and better listeners, they came back. Stella, however, in her [as David calls it] street-smart ways decided to go for a run, taking Tracy, Christi, & I with her [although we didn't run quite as fast as she did!]. About 30 minutes later, Tracy caught her in front of Belk--ha ha go figure. Hopefully, it is our only incident [fingers crossed!]

well, as promised--i was put to work--first helping fill the bottles, then will putting on the labels. everything went pretty smoothly...for the most part [even though at one point I did end up with a bit of vino on my foot!]. Here's the finished product:

doh! really, i didn't have that much to drink....guess i'm fired as labeler....

Cheers! :ISHEZ


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Matthew Cottrell said...

no wonder you do not pick up the phone or call me back!!!! -Matthew