28 September 2007

Thank You For Ordering Your Pizza On-line....

yep. I did it. I ordered pizza on-line. I didn't set out to do this, I just merely wanted to get on-line to see my options [and more importantly now that I'm a poor grad student--the price!]

Lemme start from the beginning. Having housing somewhat secured [what?? I'm not counting my chickens until the lease is signed this weekend!] and not travelling anywhere this weekend, I decided to sleep in [a bit...Addy doesn't let me sleep too late], get some long-overdue reading for classes done and generally just hang out in the room with the pupcicle--with a few trips out for the necessities, like coffee and walking Addy and coffee. So as my tummy is rumbling, I notice yes, it is in fact about time for dinner and Wendy's and Dunkin' Doughnuts across the street just aren't sounding appetizing when [as I'm coming across the Yankees game on tv], I think pizza sounds nice and easy. Got out the phone book called the nearest pizza place. They're already closing...what??? it's only 8:30pm [apparently slow night], called the other one that delivers because that's the most appealling part right now, but they don't deliver "this far out" [like 4 miles]....so I resorted to one of the big guys--which allows me to check out the menu on-line and hello....order on-line! [which okay, we've all seen the ads on tv, but living in Fredericksburg that's really not an option--you're just excited to find any one willing to deliver--so I forgot about it...] I clicked just for the fun of it, thinking that perhaps it wouldn't be available to me "this far out," but ah-ha it was...AND there were coupons [sigh, I'm too easily amused]...so I picked out the size, the crust, the toppings....no wait, let's change it to these toppings, or better yet THESE toppings. this is fun! [and can you imgine dealing with a live person while changing all those toppings?] a few more clicks, apply the coupon, fill it my credit card number and viola! I get an email thanking me for my on-line order and letting me know that my pizza should be arriving in approximately 38-49 minutes.

Now, all I have to do is sit back, watch the game, and wait for my pizza without having to deal with being put on hold for so long you forgot what you were ordering. I love technology....even if 97% of the time, I can't figure out how the hell it works!!


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Rebecca said...

just wait until the next time you decide to order on-line......then the fun REALLY kicks in
you don't have to enter in your informtion! it completely rembers you - AND there's a button that says "same order as last time"
now, i ask you, is there ANYTHING greater than THAT!?!