24 September 2007

Quick Trip

So I'm online looking for plane tickets to Texas for Kevin & Monique's wedding when ding! travelocity sent me a message that tickets to Louisville are on sale right now. I click just to check it out...thinking perhaps for Thanksgiving. Phooey, you have to travel before November. Hang on, Christi has a birthday coming up...so I call....Tracy. We decide that it should be a surprise. And what a surprise it was--she was COMPLETELY and TOTALLY shocked! It was sooo much fun. I think the best part was talking to her on the phone while walking in the terminal looking for Tracy and having her put me on hold because Tracy was calling....well, that and Christi gave me lots of clothes and rounded up all the stuff I had left this summer [so many, in fact, that I had to borrow a suitcase to get it all back!].

Since I arrived back in NYC at 9pm, I opted for the shuttle bus back to Port Authority to catch a NJ bus back to the hotel [or actually the hotel next to the one I was staying in, as it was booked this week--jury's still out if we'll stay in this one or move back on Friday] rather than carting my two suitcases and two carry-ons through Queens at night. So I'm waiting on the bus platform at P.A. with my two suitcases and two carry-ons when apparently I caught the eye of the bus driver. He asked if I would mind putting my bags under the bus [no because I certainly did NOT want to lug them up onto the bus with me]. He asked where I was going and I told him the name of the hotel [which is about a block from the nearest bus stop]...he informs me that he will--instead of dropping me off at the bus stop--drop me off in front of my hotel. How sweet is that?!? And he did...in fact, at the bus stop he turned to me and reminded me to NOT get off the bus, that he was dropping me off at the hotel. Chivalry is not dead...even in metro NYC. :P


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