08 September 2007

Registration....the Funnest Time of All!


So I've been patiently waiting for my hold to clear from health services and after spending about an hour on hold find out that my Rubella titre has come back negative...which means that I need a Rubella booster before they release my hold. OKAY fine. But the nurse has pity on me [I'm thinking they're just exceptionally busy] and releases my hold temporarily, providing I can get in before registration ends (14th) to get my booster.

YAY! Am now free to start the wonderfully time consuming process known as registration. Now with my program there are 2 main core classes that have to be taken before you can take pretty much any other class in the department. And of course, there is only one class of each being offered this semester. So I register for one [Introduction to Biostatistics....fun times, fun times!]...yay. one down, one to...whaddayamean it's full? ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?!?!?!? Apparently 350 students beat me to the punch, as well, no other epidemiology classes can be taken without this ONE class, which they are teaching only ONCE this semester [and then not again until next year]. GREAT. NOW WHAT?? I did what any other desperate-not-to-idle-for-one-full-year-paying-Ivy-League-tuition-grad-student would do. I emailed the professor and begged and pleaded my case. Return email from Professor: I appreciate your situation, but I already have 350 students. Talk to the head of the department, if she allows you in, then that's fine with me. So then forwarded begging, pleading email...along with more begging and pleading to head of dept. [Lilliane]....who is a wonderfully kind and benevolent person, who is allowing me [and having to register me specially] to take this class. YAY!!

So, currently am enrolled in:
Introduction to Biostatistics
Introduction to Global Health
Principles of Epidemiology I

but of course, nothing can be as simple as that. IN ORDER to keep all my funding, I have to maintain full-time status, which means I have to add another class. Did a bit of reading up and it's suggested that non-medical, non-biology, non-chemistry students should take a few refresher courses such as Anatomy/Physiology and Molecular Biology. Since A&P isn't offered this semester, I opt for MB. And since I'm not in the biology dept, I have to write professor for permission. Granted. But now, because I'm not in the biology dept, I CANNOT register for it via the internet or phone [which is how one normally registers]....so now I have to email Lilliane again pleading for more help, and it's a bit more tricky as the class I have to register for F4201 is for grad students, which is offered the same time as the covetted Principles of Epidemiology I [class I was granted special permission to attend]. However, lectures for F4201--Molecular Biology--are the exact same as C2005 [for undergrads] and professor doesn't care WHICH lecture set you attend, just as long as you a) attend and b) show up for your appointed exam times [which will NOT be at the same time as covetted Principles of Epidemiology]. Still waiting to hear back about that...fingers crossed!

Clear are mud? You should be in my shoes!


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