16 April 2007


Okay, technically, my pic should be in the wanted poster, but we alllllllllllllllllll know how technologically challenged I am--perhaps I'll work on that later this evening, but I'm not making any guarantees!
Anyway, I'm getting locked up...for good!! At least for an hour or so--it's to help raise money for MDA and I have to collect Bail Money to get out. Here's hoping the Judge is lenient enough to not keep me there forever [of course, there = Chili's....so I'm imagining serving out my sentence with a Grande Margarita!!] sigh...I can dream, can't I????

If you'd like to help bail me out of jail, please send contact me as soon as possible for your pledge. Arrest date is May 24, which is right around the corner. Just remember that even if you like the thought of me being locked up, there are kids with Muscular Dystrophy who need your help. To learn more about MD, go to www.mdusa.org


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april! said...

Can I get a photo of you behind bars?