10 April 2007

Whatta Wacked Out Weekend!

What a crazy, busy weekend! Not only was it Easter but of course, I was working all weekend. It all started Friday afternoon with a call from DDC. Stella & Roxie [Sheila's dog] got into a fight. Now we all know that Stella & Roxie are very verbal with each other and DDC knows not to put them together in the big pen. However, there is a new girl and new girl was moving the dogs around and didn't properly close the gate to the big pen. Roxie seeing an open gate, pushed over the new girl and beelined for Stella. SIX stitches later...my poor baby is limping and moping about...of course, she was overly excited about getting to go out to Grammers--gimpy leg and all!

We went up to Mom's Friday night for a little R&R. I thought it'd be nice since I was working Easter lunch, however, TOTALLY forgot that Andon's 1st birthday party was scheduled for the next day at Mom's house. So, there was NO R&R to be found anywhere! I perfectly timed our arrival so that I could let the girls run around for a bit and add my two cents about what to do for dinner. After dinner, we all looked for Sammy [Mom's cat] who with all the hoop-la went on walkabout sometime in the afternoon. Stella eventually found him--which also created some excitement. Unbeknownst to any of us Aunt Barbara delivered the cakes while we were at dinner. Dean...funny, goofy Deano in being silly with The Girls, stuck his hand in one of the cakes. DOH! Teresa fussed, but Momma fixed it--mostly. [we found out the next day when Aunt Barbara came out, she had already messed it up on the drive out!!]

The next morning I was puttering around the house; threw The Girls outside to run around and play before we had to leave. It was kinda dreary out but Addy loves water and Stella loves to run around and I didn't think anything more about it....until about 15 minutes later they were BEGGING to get back in. Of course, I fussed a bit [go play. you never get to run around. go!] I felt kinda bad because it was sleeting. Oops. I let them in as soon as I realized it wasn't rain, it was sleet. Stella's never been more happy to come inside in her life! Bad Momma! Well, sleepy not fully caffeinated Momma! 45 minutes--that was the driving time back to town [it only took 25 minutes to drive out] because of the roads and the sleet. I figured it would stop, but alas, no--it didn't...in fact, sleet soon gave way to SNOW! it was magical and so-very-UNEaster-in-Texas. Of course, the temp was too high to stick to the ground, but we got the big, fluffy white stuff!!

Easter was good. Brunch was busy--not crazy busy, but a nice steady busy. Afterwards, Bubba & Lauren and the girls stopped by on their way back from Mom's [who on the phone was a little toooooo happy for me not to come out...I think she was wanting peace & QUIET!]--Lala and Reesie were asleep, but I got rid of the last of my Ranch stuff [woo-hoo!]--books & etc that were Bubba's.

The Girls & I had a quiet evening at home. All is well.


PS--forgot to mention most exciting news of the weekend: Kevin and Monique got engaged!! :) wedding date: October 27

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april! said...

Don't feel guilty; a little sleet will NOT hurt your pups. At least, it wouldn't hurt a MN pup...