12 May 2007

Start Spreading The News....

It's official--I'm headed to The Big Apple! New York, New York. Home of Columbia University. I officially submitted my acceptance and sent in [eeck!] my $500 deposit yesterday. Now would be a great time to solicit for the Sherry's Going Back to School Fund. Please give generously and often!! no? not interested? Okay, how about the Stella & Addy Fund to Keep Us Living in the Cush Life to Which We Are Accustomed? still no? okay, fine....

Tom has very eloquently reminded me that technically I am a non-traditional student and should have more access to grants/loans/scholarships. Hmmm....was that a polite way of calling me old????

Okay, gotta go--lots to do in the upcoming weeks, but will keep you informed of the WHOLE process!! Am excited, am nervous, am officially crazy!!! but how fun it is!!!


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