29 June 2009

Girls' Weekend--Day 3

The Best Day!

Once again, beautifully hot :) and so we all pile into the convertible and head to Lynchberg. Home of Jack Daniels. Really, do I need to say more? I think not. But, since you're already here...

Here's a surprising fact and a general head's up before making the hour and half drive to Lynchberg (which we knew and it was totally worth it!): Lynchberg is dry. So that means NO drinking. That's right. No. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Not even when you walk to Lynchberg from the distillery--no Lynchberg Lemonades to be bought in Lynchberg. Define irony.

The tour was interesting, the town quaint. We had regular lemonade and ambled about. Bought a few souvenirs. Discovered you can buy a barrel of Jack. Got excited. Found out it cost more than a new car...got unexcited. Sat longingly at the "bar" waiting to be served...but alas...

OMG! I forgot to mention the best part of the drive down: we stopped at Sonic!! YAY! Cherry Limeades!

We refrained from Sonic on the way back, as well, we were in search of a Mexican Food restaurant that was reputed to have THE best margaritas in town. I'm not entirely sure they were THE BEST, but they were pretty damn good....and huge. Gotta love fabulous and fabulously large margaritas!

We saw a noteworthy bumpersticker as we were leaving the restaurant: No Human Being is Illegal!


As we headed back to the hotel, the sadness of what tomorrow would bring (going home) started to decend...but of course, we immediately lifted our spirits with discussion of where to go next year. Never too soon to start thinking about it!! Which reminds me, gotta do a bit of research for destinations. Any suggestions?


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