29 June 2009

Girls' Weekend--Day 1

Yes, shocking but true. Actual accounts of our Girls' Trip Nashville. Of course, under the pretense that "what happens on Girls' Weekend, stays on Girls' Weekend," I can't divulge it all, but there are a few notable highlights.

For example, Christi picked Jamie & I up at the airport and since we couldn't check into the hotel at that moment in time, we went out for margaritas...i mean Mexican food. If there happened to be a pitcher of tequila, triple sec, ice & lime juice on the table, well, then it would have been rude not to imbibe a little. besides....HELLO!...Girls' Weekend was about getting away from it all, neverminding the fact that it was 11am.

In our defense, we TRIED to tour the Capitol building, however, we couldn't find a parking spot. Yes, we looked and on our 3rd time around the area--and did I mention 103 degree heat??--we decided indoors with cool beverages was a better option at that moment in time.

After killing time at the restaurant, we found our hotel and were allowed to check in. So we drop our bags and headed down to Broadway, which is the main section for live music. We did a bit of shopping, a little walking, a little listening to live music, had a few more beers and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and the evening's festivities: The Grand Ole Opry.

I mean, c'mon, you can't go to Nashville and not go to the Opry. Having now been, I can skip it the next time I'm there, but it should be a stop for everyone at least once--whether or not country music is your thing. The early acts were, um, very, um...interesting. i'm not going to use the word hoaky, but, well, most would.

The most entertaining song BY FAR! was "Snuff Dipper" a love song by a gentleman about his wife and whose melody got stuck in our heads (in fact, i'm humming it now!). The outfits were also worth a mention (think HeeHaw and if you don't know what HeeHaw is, well then I am very sad for you!).

We did get to see Tracy Bird, Vince Gill, and Allison Kraus and Union Station, who were AAAAAA-MAZING! Lemme just recommend that if you ever have a chance to see Allison Kraus (preferably) with Union Station perform anywhere, GO! it's totally worth it.

All in all, it was a fun, relaxing day and with the promise of a deeeelicious breakfast Saturday morning, off to bed we went!


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