12 August 2010

Alright FINE!

sigh.  I am completely and totally determined to catch up on my blogging before school begins!!

As was pointed out to me, perhaps I wasn't having such a great time, but no....quite the opposite is true.  It's just hard to know where to begin nor if I can actually adequately convey everything, however, I suppose that the longer I wait the more likely I am to forget things.

feel free--I have a feeling I might regret this--to harass me 'til it's done.  Check back for updates in months of September, January, May, and July--hopefully I can get a big dent in my tales before I take my next adventure, which is actually Nerida coming to visit for a few days, followed by a week long trip home, followed by a few more days of Ned visiting (she's going on a cruise and is stopping here before and after!)...



1 comment:

april said...

I prefer my observation that you were having too good of a time to accurately blog and were thus defeated by your merriment.