10 March 2009

For the Love of Bread....or Popcorn...

Okay, so I'm usually quite particular about giving the pupcicle people food, but she does on ocassion get fresh fruits and veggies (she loves strawberries and tomatoes) and when she's very good--she'll get a slice of bread (probably her favorite behind strawberries)...but popcorn ranks right up there as well (what? it's plain, no butter popcorn and she just gets a little....)

why am i telling you this? oh yeah, I've been trying to teach her how to shake...which she will do ONLY for people food....I'm reminded as I sit here with popcorn and a dog who keeps trying to offer me her leg in the hopes of a people-food treat and yes, I decided to share....

what? I'm in the middle of midterms and a bit brain fried--2 papers down, 4 to go!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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