08 June 2012

Just When You Thought I Was Lost in Greece Forever...

Hi.  I know you missed me.  I really don't know.  I know 2 people have missed me (and by me I mean my posts).  Where have I been?   Lemme catch you up:

1.  In case you were worried, I DID in fact make it out of Greece and our night anchored in the Aegean.  The rest of the trip was a bit of a blur.  However, April & I did learn that if you fly from Bodrum to Istanbul to NYC, you will have your passport checked no less than 8 times.  AND you will have your bags and person checked no less than 3 times.  AND they will take you delicious Turkish nutella ONLY AT THE LAST CHECK POINT, just when you think you're free and clear.
2.  In case you missed it, Borders Bookstore is no longer in existence.  Which of course meant that I needed to find a new job, since...well, i'm not independently wealthy.  So I made the jump to Starbucks since I was paying waaaaay too much for coffee.  It's been a very crazy 9 months.  I really enjoy working for Starbucks--it's an amazing company.
3.  Finished school--shocking but true!  Waiting on finalization of thesis, but am hoping that graduation will be in December (I know, everyone is breathing a collective sigh of relief!).
4.  Started a new blog (yeah, I know, like I need another thing to do, but if you want to check it out--it's SLIGHTLY less neglected than this one...ha!)
5.  Just finished planting a container garden.  What? I live on Staten Island--I'm definitely not trusting this soil!!!  Nor could I take away the tiny backyard from Addy & Beanie.  Thus far, the herbs haven't been doing so well (i.e. not growing), but the beans, squash, zucchini, okra, corn and tomatoes are growing like mad!  I think the daily thunderstorms are helping.  Oh NYC and their weird weather patterns.  You won't find me complaining though, the nights have been cool & crisp--and I'll happily delay the hot sticky nights for as long as possible!

So...that's me caught up in a nutshell.

:) Shez

05 May 2011

Cabin Fever!

I am currently stuck in the middle of the Aegan Sea.  Not to worry, I believe we are anchored near the shore (it’s dark and I’m not entirely sure any more.  We were at last light, though).  We’re in Knidos, if you need to inform anyone.  JUST KIDDING.  Obviously we made it safely to a semi-working wifi spot if I’m posting this.  Meanwhile, whilst we’re stuck I’ll just try focusing on this and not panicking.

We’re really not stuck, by the way.  Docked for the night is the official term, however, I cannot reach landfall without getting wet or rowing myself in—and even if I did, there’s not a lot around except one dodgy looking restaurant, a lot of sheep, a few passing headlights, ancient ruins and a huge sundial…so I will stick to my story of being stuck.

Today didn’t start out so bad—we left Greece to make our way back to Turkey.  We got to Datça, a city in the middle of the Datça peninsula, which we have to sail around in order to get to Bodrum.  Once again, the Captain and our passports left the vessel.  This time we had no instructions to stay on board, so we disembarked and rambled about the town for about an hour.  Our passports magically returned, we had lunch, and then headed back out to begin our sail west and then north to stop at, what we believed to be another small sea-side village at the tip of the peninsula, called Knidos.  Turns out, it’s just a dodgy looking restaurant surrounded by ruins, hills, and a lot of sheep.  The bay was pretty full by the time we got there, so we dropped anchor in the middle and were going to moor on the empty side.  Turns out it’s private property and we can’t tie down there.  Also we discover that the motor in our dingy boat no longer is working properly and the poor crew members had to row all the way to shore, get yelled at by the locals, and row their way back to the boat to convey the message (although the owner was shouting loudly at the time, so we pretty much got the gist).

Another boat kindly offered us use of their dingy for the price of 4€ each person.  No thanks.  So we spent the afternoon napping, reading, writing, playing cards, backgammon, etc, anything to distract from the fact that we couldn’t (without much effort or money) leave the boat.  At this point, I know you’re thinking why not just pay the 4€?  But it was the principle of the matter.  The Captain and crew weren’t offering to pay either, which is a rant for a very long informative email to the tour company. 

Overall, it’s been a relaxing day and a complete opposite of the jam-packed beginning of the tour.

As I lay here listening the lapping of the water, I realize that with (proper phone and internet service of course) I could easily pack it all up and move here.  There is something inherently charming about the laid-back lifestyle of a small sea-side village, miles and miles of sea from anything resembling a city.  No hustle, no bustle, no worries.  Just so long as I don’t have to spend any more nights anchored in the middle of a bay, with limited options for getting to shore.

Does make one who loves to travel appreciate the modern conveniences of airplanes, as well as motorized vehicles for that matter.  Now, off to bed to enjoy the serenity and something you rarely see in NYC—stars :)


Tech Junkie

Okay.  Fine. I admit it:  I’m a tech junkie.  I seek consolation in the fact that I’m not the worst person I know, but the last 14 days have taught me that sans a phone and sketchy wifi service and I’m a wreck.  Well, wreck is perhaps too strong of a word…inconvenienced to the highest degree.  That sounds better?  Right?  RIGHT?!?!

In theory it’s nice to get away.  In reality, I suck at it.  Ironically if I had phone service (thanks for nothing overpriced phone company) and even moderate wifi (thanks for nothing crappy “hotspots”) I could relax a bit more.  It also doesn’t help that I travel with a great friend, who is perfectly capable (and seemingly happy) to disconnect from the world we just left behind.  Again, great in theory.  Bad in reality for the old Shez. 

Not that I want to be one of those obnoxious (and we’ve encountered a few on this last trip) people who are talking on the phone through their entire vacation—perhaps there are those who know me who will disagree vehemently.  Okay, so maaaybe I tweet too much (ha ha ha…not even! But compared to those around me, okay, fine. I’ll accept that).  But I do love to share my experiences with everyone else.  And not in a gloating “ha ha ha, I’m here and you’re not!” kinda way…okay, so maybe I really (and perhaps not-so-secretly) love gloating to about your fabulous (or more fabulous than hers) life to that one beyotch in your past.  I have a list.  I’d love to try the whole “forgive & forget” nonsense, but, well I’m a Scorpio—apparently we’re good at carrying grudges until, well, the end of time.

I digress.  See…even the thought of typing this to post to the world of probably 3 people who read this regularly is enough to lull me out technology-deprived void that is lacking currently in my life.

IRONICALLY about 3 minutes after landing back at JFK I will wonder why in the hell I came back.

Oh yeah: the darling pupcicle.  That’s one lucky dog.


22 April 2011

Like A Sore Thumb...

I know I should be writing about all the amazing things I've seen today, but I'd rather tell you how everyone approaches April and I and asks where we are from.   I know that you're going to find this shocking, but, even seasoned travelers such as ourselves apparently stick out like a sore thumb, as we get approached A LOT (like, let's say, every 20 feet).

We get all sorts of responses, and, interestingly, America is never one of them.  England is the most popular, then a variety of other European countries before they give up and we divulge (although to the Germany response, April commented "but I'm not wearing socks with my sandals!!").  I suppose we should tell them immediately when they ask "hey pretty lady, you from England?"  but we smile, shake our head no and make them painfully guess a few more countries.

Today, however, as we are in the plaza in front of the Egyptian (aka Spice) Bazaar, an 80-ish year old woman pokes me (POKES ME!) in the arm and asks Armenia?  I couldn't even make her guess again, so I quickly responded with "No, American."  Which received a very befuddled look on her face.  I just smiled and walked away.


ps--in case you're wondering, I did pick up some Turkish Delight at the Spice Bazaar and even got the lovely gentleman to give April & I each a sample.  YUMMY :)

19 April 2011

Ready, Set, TURKEY!

Alright.  In a feat rarely seen before, I'm actually packed and ready to go.  crazy, but true.  of course, for those of you who know me well, you think i jest. 

alas...all that's left is to give some lovin' to the very pouty pupcicle.

Places we (April and I) will be visiting are as follows (in no particular order):


I have a feeling that I'm missing a spot or two.  Regardless, lots of beautiful places, bursting with beauty and history.

bon voyage!!

09 January 2011

New Year, New Resolutions

I think every year I resolve to do the same things...and every year around January 5th, I fail miserably.  So this year I'm going to try things a bit differently. Wait? Did I do this last year?

Regardless, here are my resolutions for 2011:

1. Be nicer to myself.  
I know (and have for a long time) that I am exceptionally hard on myself and very unforgiving of my mistakes.  Conversely, I am very forgiving of the mistakes of others and often go to great lengths to support and help them.

2. Find ways to volunteer.
I think one of the reasons I haven't really felt settled here in NYC is because I don't give back anything to my community.  Granted, I can't give the amount of time that I used to, but I can certainly find time to volunteer at a soup kitchen or youth center at least once or twice a month.

3. Take back control of my life.
I think that a lot of people have this problem (at least I hope so or perhaps it's a procrastinator thing and you non-procrastinating people out there are rolling your eyes at me.  FINE! roll your eyes and just skip over this next paragraph!).  Ahem, where was I?  Oh yeah: where the everyday ins and outs of life take over and days, weeks, and years slip by and the next thing you know you're finally blogging after 6 months with promises to catch up and everything you wanted to do is still sitting in your "TO DO" list.  But can you ever catch up?  I never seem able to and just make myself crazy and feel like a failure when trying.  So I'm taking time to stop trying to catch up and plan out a way to get a head so that I don't feel like I'm always .  Will it work?  Dunno, but I'm certainly going to give it my best shot (fingers crossed...and if anyone has any tips, they'll be gladly accepted!)

That's it, but I feel that's enough to work on for one year.  Will I be at the same place next year?  Maybe, but then I promise to implement Resolution #1...

Thanks for listening to my self-indulgent mini-diatribe.  I'm interested in hearing your resolutions and, as such, anyone commenting with theirs will receive a small prize from NYC :) 

Happy New Year!!

20 September 2010


at least i've added a few updates and a few more to www.shezzaspeak.blogspot.com

surely that counts...right?  right???

sigh.  alright, i'll get on the rest--tomorrow...


12 August 2010

Alright FINE!

sigh.  I am completely and totally determined to catch up on my blogging before school begins!!

As was pointed out to me, perhaps I wasn't having such a great time, but no....quite the opposite is true.  It's just hard to know where to begin nor if I can actually adequately convey everything, however, I suppose that the longer I wait the more likely I am to forget things.

feel free--I have a feeling I might regret this--to harass me 'til it's done.  Check back for updates in months of September, January, May, and July--hopefully I can get a big dent in my tales before I take my next adventure, which is actually Nerida coming to visit for a few days, followed by a week long trip home, followed by a few more days of Ned visiting (she's going on a cruise and is stopping here before and after!)...